Nice Lengete ran away from the cut as a young orphan. ...and went on to save thousands
of Maasai girls from FGM and forced child marriage. She is now one of our key partners and the newest member of our Board.

Elementary students performing for their parents at Naramatisho ("the nurturing place") Academy .  The school uniform for girls includes ties. Each semester the girls' heads are shaved, to denote a new beginning. 

Our Students Value the Opportunity to Learn!

We can't do it all without contributions. But even small amounts do big things in Maasailand. Even small donations go a long, long way! For instance, elementary school is only $400 per year, including tuition, room and board, books and uniforms! High school is $600. Compare that to the cost of boarding school in the U.S. or Europe!

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Welcome to the village

A sponsored student during COVID